Alprostadil (MUSE) availability

Does anyone know what the problem is with supply of Alprostadil urethral sticks? My local pharmacy (which is linked to all other pharmacies in the area) say there is none available in the community. Last time I managed to get some from the hospital pharmacy, but they also have limited stocks, and are reluctant to release them.

The only other option is to keep taking Tadalafil, but I suffer from three different side effects of that, so have to keep stopping and starting it, which doesn't really work.

  • My wife and I have had all sorts of problems with availability of some medication recently.  My pharmacist thinks that someone is hoarding because of Brexit!  He may be right who knows.  I you have a package insert try contacting the company that either makes or supplies the medication.  A few years ago the company themselves were only supplying hospitals for 2 months as an accounting exercise!  Always worth checking with them.

    Hope you find some soon.


  • I managed to get a few more from the hospital pharmacy today - they thought they'd run out, but managed to find some.

  • Any update on this. I haven't been able to source MUSE since April am told its a manufacturing problem. Back in April was told it'd be available by June but that hasn't happened

  • I wrote to the address on the information leaflet, but they didn't even have the courtesy to reply.

    I emailed the ED nurse, but she hasn't replied either. I think I must have become invisible to the NHS

  • I've just been told the same thing by pharmacy2u that there's a manufacturing problem with this product so I tried another pharmacy and same response they were told the earliest that this product would be available will be the end of September! was told to try an alternative i said there isn't one! I've contacted uclh hospital were I had my penile implant op and asked if they can find out what's occurring I will update you if I find some answers 

  • I realise that this is an old post, supplies have been almost non existent since then -- BUT - for the past month my local pharmacy has been able to obtain supplies --  !!The UK suppliers say that supplies are OK at present.