Hello everyone,

New here, not sure where to start, but feels a bit reassuring to be part of this community that Macmillan provides.

I am 55 and have just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, with a PSA of 3.6 and Gleason of 6 (3 +3) two days ago, bit of a shock, but coming to terms with it.

A team of specialists are meeting next week to determine the course of treatment. Either radiotherapy and hormone treatment or Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic surgery.

I guess I have a choice. Not sure what option is best if there is a best one. It's all a bit bewildering, but I am taking it with a positive attitude.

All the best to you all with this condition and those who are affected by it.

It's good to read other peoples experiences........thankyou

  • Hi there,

    I elected to have surgery Prostatectomy in July 2020 aged 62 (Gleeson 3+4, PSA 14). Had the op on the Thursday and got discharged on the Friday. I won't make light of the procedure - I think too many do. It takes time for the body to recover and set backs are to be expected. I was leak free by Day 30 which I am told is pretty good. Sex life never recovered despite trying all available drugs.

    I have now given quite a few people my advice based on my own personal experience. Stuff the glossy literature or hospital staff don't mention.

    All the best


  • Thank you for the advice Ian

    All the best to you too

  • Hi G

    Your stats are low, could be worth asking if active surveillance is an option. Obviously u are still young , there is always the risk of ED issues with surgery, Radiotherapy not so much, so do consider that,

    Best wishes


  • I thought exactly the same but didn't like to say in case I was missing something fundamental. I read that in the US there has been some controversy over what some experts say is unnecessary intervention particularly for Gleeson 3 + 3.

  • Oncologists had meeting today to decide on my treatment (Gleeson 3 + 3, TN2)

    Prostatectomy seemed to be the underlying treatment advised. Also I could have brachytherapy instead, which seems on research online seems to be a more favourable option perhaps. (I think perhaps more expensive to the NHS as I felt I was being coerced to the prostatectomy or am I overthinking)

    Has anyone had experience of Brachytherapy?      Active surveillance has not been mentioned, I'm not the expert.

    Thanks again for all your comments and advice

  • Hi HH,

    which hospital did you have your surgery in?  We’re you able to choose your surgeon?  Thank you 

  • Leicester General, where there are only two specialist surgeons. But having looked at their outcomes I would have been equally happy with either.


  • Hi Geeman

    When I was 54 I had a diagnosis very similar to yours. I'm now 59 and I have been on active surveillance for 5 years. During that time my psa has gradually risen to 3.5 to around 5.5. I have had annual MRIs all showing no significant change. I have had no more biopsies.

    At the time of my diagnosis I remember my GP saying that one in three men over 50 have some cancer cells in their prostate and most will never know.

    I hope to be able to wait until better treatments are available, or avoid it altogether.

    Best wishes for your decision.

  • 11 days since my diagnosis (Gleeson 6 PSA 3.6)

    Over this time period it felt like I was being influenced for preparing for surgery or radiotherapy which seemed to me extreme for my levels.

    However, I had a meeting today with another consultant and I have decided to go on Active Surveillance.

    I am a bit unsure about this, especially as I am not due for another blood test for 6 months. But then again if it was that serious I'm sure I would have been informed by the consultant.

    My wife is not happy and worried it will get worse. The consultant said that would be highly unlikely but a possibility.

    All the best to everyone