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I have been diagnosed with intermediate prostate cancer and I've been told that active surveillance is not a safe option for me. After lots of research and discussion I have decided to opt for the robotic assisted prostatectomy and I'm hoping to have this surgery in November.

I would really appreciate information from anyone who has had this operation and how the surgery went, recovery and all the other things like side effects.

Many Thanks

  • I had a robotic prostatectomy in March this yeaJoyr, I went in at 7.00 am and came home 12 hours later, I had a catheter for 2 weeks after surgery, was given a strict diet for first few weeks. It is important  to do the pelvic exercises 3 times a day, I still wear one pad a day , the occasional leak of lifting. In my case they found cancer in the neck of my bladder after surgery which I had just had salvage radiotherapy, glad I choose robotic surgery.

  • Hi Theodore. Thanks very much for the info and advice. I hope you've fully recovered and that the salvage radiotherapy worked. Has your PSA dropped to below 0.1 and stayed at this level?

  • I also had the da Vinci Feb 2017. Kept in overnight. Released next day with catheter. I did have a urine infection which was sorted out with antibiotics. Catheter out after two weeks. Had post-op assessment with the Croaker three months later. He had spared some of the nerves and had therefore not been able to remove all the cancer. Since then psa less than 0.1.

    ED: erections difficult but not impossible without the little blue pill. Understanding wife. Plus I'm now at the age when it's not really that important any more.

    The worst things were the overnight stay on the ward and the bloody catheter.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Dennis. Thanks very much for responding and for your comments. It's good to hear that your PSA is staying where it should be.

  • Hi,

    I've just had robotic assisted radical prostatectomy exactly 1 week ago. I had similar experience to the others in that I was admitted at 8am and I was discharged 12hrs later. I was actually booked in for another night but the consultant was happy to discharge me. The wait from 8am to 12.30pm was probably the hardest part of it. Prior to going into the theatre I was given sedative and a spinal injection which isn't as bad as it sounds as it was quick and you hardly feel a thing. I was back on the ward and having some light food by 8pm.

    There has been very little pain, which is the most amazing thing about it and I was able to go for a good walk the morning after the discharge. I've not had to take any of the pain killers prescribed except for paracetamol on the first morning and that was it. 

    The catheter is a bit of a nuisance but after a couple of days I have good routine going and for most of the time I don't notice it. 

    Diet is super important as you want to prevent constipation and straining when going to the loo. You will be told to practice pelvic floor exercise prior to surgery , and to continue this post catheter removal. 

    I'm due to have the catheter remove and meeting with the consultant this Thursday. I will then find out my definitive diagnosis and whether I need further radiotherapy ( apparently I have a 20% risk). I am also preparing myself for the incontinence. 

    best of luck

  • Hi Megalodon. Thank you very much for the helpful info and sharing your experience. I hope that you get good news on Thursday.

  • I  have to wait till December  for a psa test, thank you for asking

  • Thanks Toatie,

    Just an update, had the catheter removed today and apart from a small dribble when the catheter was removed I am fully continent!  The bladder can't hold as much at the moment as I'm finding myself going more often, but I'm told that will improve. With regard to ED I will have to wait and see in the coming weeks. 

  • Hi Megalodon.

    That's really good news that you're fully continent. I hope the ED improves with time.

  • Hi Toatie.

    I had my surgery 11 days ago and, as I was quite late in (2pm) and didn’t get back to the ward until 9pm, I wasn’t discharged quite as soon as others. I actually had a two night stay because I was in quite a lot of pain on day two, but was home within 48 hours of surgery.

    I must say, whilst the pain has not been bad, I have had to take things easy because I am not yet too comfortable. Part of that is down to the tightness of my clips (stitches), and part due to the catheter, the latter being quite restrictive. I’m happy to walk to my village shop and back twice a day, about half a mile in total over the two walks, but find the catheter uncomfortable beyond that.

    Around the house I have been fine. I long to be able to lie on my side or front after the catheter has gone next week, and do tend to wake at night needing to urinate, but getting upright and letting gravity take over soon puts that right.

    Diet wise I’m eating normally, but making sure I drink plenty of fluids to ward off any infection. Light meals are advisable in the first few days, along with the laxatives you will be sent home with, because constipation can be a real problem.

    All in all, whilst this surgery is not to be taken lightly, it’s certainly very manageable if you’re sensible. With regard to the longer term side effects? Time will tell, but I’ve been told I need to be patient - not my greatest strength!!

    Best of luck.