Hot glushes

Hi I finished radiotherapy in may and had my last hormone injection on the same day I am still having hot flushes is that normal also I have to go to see a urologist on Wednesday as my flow is worse now than before radiotherapy. He thinks the radiotherapy may have damaged something so it looks like a camera up the pipe, I can’t wait. 

  • Hi . I'm not from this group but being a post menopausal lady did grin at your title of Hot Glushes - it's a typo I know but a very apt description for us ladies LOL

    My husband had hormone injections for his localised Prostate cancer and if I recall he had hot flushes for about 6 months - we used to argue about whose was the worst - of course he won!

    I'm attaching some reading material you might find helpful from the Macmillan info site. Hot flushes just click on the link.

    Sorry to hear your flow's worse, hopefully your Oncologist will be able to sort out. Unfortunately there can be side effects after treatment, I had a few following my Brachytherapy for a while but OK now.

    Sending hugs, B xx

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  • HT is very long acting. Each dose is still at 'therepeutic level' three months later, when it gets topped up. So, effectively, the effects only start to wear off at the date of the first missing dose - in your case, sometime in August. Realistically, MrsBJH's six months is quite reasonable, but there is individual variation, and hot flushes can linger on ... mine were never too bad, judging by what others have reported, but they still occasionally struck a couple of years on, and even now, about four years on, I get a very occasional night sweat.

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  • Love the phrase "looks like a camera up the pipe"

    Got my last Hormone Injection on Christmas Eve. Happy Christmas to me.



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  • Totally agree about the phrase "looks like a camera up the pipe" Stevecam. I actually laughed out loud, nice one.

    Take care,  Tom

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  • Harley D,

    I don't know where I would be without my sense of humour.

    I've been keeping a journal since I was diagnosed on 27th May.

    A lot of the stuff in it is X-rated.  The language is blue.  It helps me to cope.

    All the best.



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  • Hi Steve, glad you`ve found a coping mechanism, it can help a lot, different things for different folks as they say. By the way I have been using $@#+@#% blue language for years :))

    Take care,  Tom.


    " Nobody wins unless everybody wins "  Bruce Springsteen
  • Tom,

    I try not to swear as much but it just comes out, mainly in my diary, which is so funny sometimes when I read it through.



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