After a routine blood test at the end of March 2021 I was referred to my local hospital with a PSA of 79.39. Since then I’ve had 2 MRI scans, a bone scan & a PET scan. I’ve also had a biopsy under general anesthetic. My Gleason scale is 4+3=7 T3B. I’m now just waiting for them to discuss my latest MRI scan which was done last week My CNS has been keeping informed throughout either by phone or email. Just waiting to find out the next step

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    The weight can yo-yo, with some people it never changes, the only thing is that fatigue may set in, it’s common with HT so your walks may get a little shorter over time. Nothing to worry about just part and parcel of the treatment.

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  • Hi Seamus,

    Thank you for this. I haven’t started treatment yet. I have another telephone consultation this Friday (I think this is my last before commencing treatment). I know that my CNS said I can call her any time but I’m finding forum really helpful. As I’ve never been in hospital in my life apart from recently when I had my biopsy done under General. I’ve never broken a bone so as my surgeon says I’m a healthy 66 year old. I know this Covid thing is helping but I’ve never seen anyone from my team apart from the original consultation in April. I’ve seen more radiographers than anyone else. I suppose the good thing is that nobody’s ever said how long I’ve got left to live. So I’m taking it that this isn’t a fast moving cancer. On the sleep side I don’t have a goodnights at the moment. This could be because I wake up to go to the toilet but also anxious of what’s going to happen. I suppose once I start my treatment I can get things into some sort of routine. I’m just glad that I’m retired & do not have to worry about work issues. Along with the state pension I do have a good private work pension so do not have financial problems. I can’t wait till Friday.