3years since prostate removal

  1. Hello Forum
  2. It's been 3 yrs since I had a prostectomy and UpTo recently my PSA readings have been 0.01/0.02. in 2  resent PSA tests it had gone UpTo UpTo 0.17 and 0.25 so looks like I've had a recurrence and radiotherapy has been suggested.
  3. Can anyone who has been in a similar situation describe their experiences of radiotherapy post op and what to expect Thanks
  • Hi Loosechange, sorry to read about your recurrence. I had recurrence 14 months after surgery. I had HT for 2.5 years alongside salvage radiotherapy as my PSA doubling time was less than 2 months. My PSA readings have been undetectable since, I still worry though. Have a read at my profile, all the info is there.

    Have you got an appointment to see an oncologist and are any scans organised yet?

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Hi Ido4

    Appreciate your reply.I have been informed that my consultant who is also the surgeon who did my Da Vinci op is ringing me this evening to discuss next options.

    My Gleason score & MRI  initially was showing containment within the prostate with a PSA of around 5 then went up to 7 just before my op.3 yrs ago.

    The urology nurse who contacted me last week to highlight my PSA level said I may go straight to Radiation therapy rather than HT. So I am a little confused as to what treatment is applicable in my case.I suppose a CT scan will determine a treatment plan.

    How did you find being on HT and RT simultaneously?

    Thanks again 

  • Hopefully you’ll have a better idea after the call this evening. I found the RT tiring but manageable. The HT was tougher but I got through it. 


  • Thanks - very helpful