Metatised prostate

Newly diagnosed prostate now in bones, lymph nodes and lungs. 

Very unsure or the future, on hormone therapy, waiting for chemo.

Going through every emotion at the moment would welcome any thoughts advice or guidance in how best to cope

  • Hi jackal21 sorry to see you on this site, but welcome, the emotions you are experiencing are quite normal, everyone on this site have been affected in the same way. My wife and I had many tearful days. It would help us if you could provide further details everyone psa, gleason ad T N M, you could write in your profile. You are on the right site for help and advice. Looking forward to further conversation, all the best  Ulls 

  • Hi this is an awful time for you both and I fully understand the emotions you are going through.  My husband was diagnosed with the same outcome 18 months ago.  He started with prostap hormone treatment followed by docxtacil (not sure spelt correctly)chemotherapy.  The outcome was very positive and his PSA level went down to 0.3.  We have spent the past 18 months doing lots of walking, up ttp 5 and 6 miles a day.  It is a very hard time but there is hope and life can go on.  Try to stay positive.  I find this site so easy to use and find the information so user friendly.  The specialist nurses are amazing and listen to your concerns.

    Hope everything goes well.

  • Hi Jackal21

    Hopefully your in good hands, the treatment you get will help. We’ve all gone threw the emotions the most common being why me ? If your on your own or live with a partner, the best place to go if there’s one near you, I’am a maggies call in centre, their great at just understanding what your going through.

    You don’t need to talk to much others there will, you can just listen then once your comfortable you can chip in. Remember if you have trouble doing that we are here and can give advice where we can.

    Stay safe