New boy

Although I have had advanced prostrate cancer for 5 years I thought it might be helpful to briefly share my experience on this site. When diagnosed ( Gleason 9) my prognosis was poor but after 2x chemo , radiotherapy and enzalutamide I was then offered 4 sessions of LU177 which was very effective but expensive. Luckily my insurance co agreed to pay but only for 4 sessions. The results were excellent, however after an experimental blood test it was found that I had a gene defect so with agreement of my insurance co I have been on Olaparib for 6 months and to date it has been very effective . My message however is to remain positive and push hard for the latest treatment . At the moment my quality of life( aged 73) is good and I would also recommend( if possible) regular exercise . I walk about 4 miles daily and it has really helped. Hope this helps and remain positive. Colin