Prostate Cancer

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in early January 2021.PSA 5.7 and Gleeson 7 (3+4) only affecting one side of the gland but starting to break out.

The word cancer is not the most pleasing of terms, but to be honest, when I first heard it I was more concerned about how do I

get rid of it and what treatments were available. I hummed and are'd about Radiation or Operation, eventually going for the operation, which I am having on the 14th of April.

I would love to hear from anybody further down the road/journey than me, particularly concerning incontinence and impotence 

  • Hi 

    Welcome to the club no one wants to join.

    I can't comment on the operation as I went down the RT route. I'm sure there are others on here that can help with your questions.

    Good luck in your journey.



    Trying to get fit again!
  • I had the da Vinci four years ago. The incontinence is a nuisance. The bladder seems to fill much quicker than it did and sometimes I am desperate for a pee. Don't leak much. Only occasionally when I exert myself. I find peeing sitting down helps to completely empty the bladder.

    The ED is also a bit of a bugger. The removal of the prostate takes some length away and orgasms are nowhere near as intense as before the op. The little blue pills help. Plus I am beginning to get erections without the viagra.

    Any regrets about opting for the da Vinci? Not really.

    Good luck.

  • Dennis thank you for your comments. After the operation was there much pain. How long did you stay in the hospital, I have seen some people recover very quickly, out after 24hrs others 48. 

    staying as positive as I can


  • Hi

    Sorry about your news, seems you have made your mind up about what to do, which is good, being positive is half the journey. Myself I was past the point of having the prostate removed, although all the treatments did prove effective. 
    As many have said and from what I have read, there always seems to be a urinary problem for a while, differs to each person, infection is always the thing to be wary of, so if they tell you stay away from people or rest please do it. Other than that hope all goes well.

    Stay safe


  • Hi Joeven

    My initial thoughts were to go for radiation but then changed my mind after extensive reading, I am only glad it was discovered early enough to give me options. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jan. I was in hospital overnight.  Mobility was difficult at first. Specially getting in and out of bed. And later getting up from a sitting position. Think very bad back and you've got the idea. This problem lasted a couple of weeks. Apart from that mobility was fine. I think I spent the first day or so feeling sorry for myself and then got up and got on with life again. Started with a shower.

    I had to inject myself in the stomach each day for two or three weeks which wasn't  something I looked forward to. . And I hated the whole  catheter business. After a week or so I ended up with a urinary infection. Fever and stuff. Treated with antibiotics. I learned later that urinary infections can be quite dangerous. Not something to ignore.

    There was no real pain only tenderness. All in all it took me about three weeks to get back to some kind of normality. Around the time the stitches and the catheter were removed.

    I was back at work after six or eight weeks. Light duries at first.

    Still have a sex life. Not as good as it was but I'm at that age when everything isn't as good as it was. Apart from proper beer and single malt.

    I'm lucky I think in that my wife understands and has always been fully supportive.

    Sometimes I think it's harder for the partner.

    Good luck.

  • Dennis

    Thank you for your comments, much appreciated, I agree about it being harder for your partner. And it's not all doom and gloom at least I will still have my single malt.

  • Hi.

    I had surgery a year ago. I was up & about quite quickly, pottering about in the garden after a few days. I found the catheter a concern as I didn't know what was right & wrong, what things were problems and what was just normal. posting on here about them helped though, I got good advice. Also at that time the district nurses which covered cather issues were great - I needed them to come out a couple of times and they reassured and they sorted things out. Don't be shy about phoning them.

    I also found if I overdid it (lifting things heavier than I could manage) I got really sharp pains from the wounds, but that seems to have just been the nerve damage, tho it felt like I'd torn internal stitches it probably wasn't, so if you get that too don't worry.

    I used pads for a few months, going through smaller and smaller ones (so don't over-stock on big ones) and now don't use them. You get used to the things really. I still get occasional dribbles but it's very small amounts(a few drips), it's maybe once a week or so, and it's eg if I have real coffee too many days in a row - I haven't found it necessary to give up things altogether. The exercises really help and it's been worth making the time to do them properly, once you can start.

    Impotence - yeah well. I have that...but the sensations are still there so there are other things you can do, it's just the mechanics are changed. And there are a variety of options to make things more like they were, it's a case of trying them and see what works best for you.

    Hope it all goes well, let us know how you get on. And if there's anything else you want to ask, just shout!


  • Not had treatment for a year.

    I was told I would have injections every three months but not had last four and numbers have gone up.

    I have ED and Neuropathy, numb feet and legs although still painful means I can only stand or walk for a few minuets.

    It feels like I have been abandoned like I should have caught Corvid maybe then the NHS would be interested.

    Maybe then I would not be a problem for them or anyone.

    There does not seem a lot to look forward to in life anymore.

  • Hi Array

    Thank you for the information, I do not know if we have a district nurse but will ask when I am in hospital. I know they say no coffee but I did not really think it would be such a problem, I do like my cooffe, I'll just restrict myself to MacDonald's. I have had a good think of what I would like post operation and they are; Mobility, no need for pads, and no impotence, in that order.

    Once the operation is over I will write down how it went and how I feel.