I am new to the group today, had mri 2months ago, pirad 5 lesion detected, sent for biopsy no cancer, sent for fusion biopsy, cancer detected, 3+4 gleason 7 in 30% of cores, this week went for nuclear bone scan awaiting results, I have been told very little other than if bone scan is clear I have the choice of surgery or radiation and hormone treatment, how do I choose what is best option, the clinlc seem very reluctant to recommend one or the other, I have joined this group to try and gather as much information as possible, so any information you can give me would be good, by the way I am 74,

  • Boatmans

    Thank you for the reply. I must have gone through the same process as you two. I decided on surgery, the cancer was just on one side so it was possible to save half the nerves. One thing I find incredible is that I had no pain at all from the surgery, the catheter did start to cause me problems after seven days. I had the catheter removed on Monday 26th April, today (1st May) has probably been my best day. I have leaked a little bit but not much at all. If I get back to normal in two months I will be over the moon.