early sick pension prostate cancer

hi, anyone know how to get my ill pension as i  have prostate cancer with bone metastasis and i just want to get my sick pension, i am 54 old, also please does anyone take xtandi for prostatw psa rising? rhey said  that bicalutamide no more working and aa my psa raised from0. 8 to 12.54 they cut bicalutamide and sais will put me on XTANDI, im concerned about side efecta, many thanx for  eventuale repplyes

  • Hi vas being 53 with bone mets id be interested how you get on. Currently able to work, I work from home so not too bad, fatigue and emotional the worst

  • Hi Vas my husband receives enhanced PIP and mobility allowance . State pension starts when he is 67 but he gets a private pension from his previous job . The Macmillan  specialist will be able to sort all this out for you very quickly . It took 1 week approx . Hope this helps and good luck with your treatment