I am new on this forum and am looking at which treatment to have for my prostate cancer.

I have been offered a choice between Chemotherapy and Enzalutamide.

I have read up and seen online a lot of positive reviews using Enzalutamide.

I would like to hear from anyone who is using this to see how they feel and their 

thoughts about using it.



  • Hi Steve, I faced this same choice recently.   You will need to face chemo at some point I feel.  So the way I figured it was I’ll do chemo now whilst I’m feeling fairly fit. And then can have the option of enzalutamide as my second line treatment.  If I chose chemo later maybe something would happen with my health to stop me having that option?

    The other thing is, having docexetel now does not necessarily stop you from having the same treatment again in the future.  A Docexetel rechallenge can be a viable option I believe.   Enzalutamide is probably a treatment that you can only do continuously the once until it stops working.

    I had my first chemo yesterday,  and it wasn’t too bad in my case - so far.

    Good luck in what you decide!!!!

  • Unfortunately chemo effects people in different ways. Some people sail through it with minimal effects and others are not so lucky.  However, the drugs used these days tend to be less invasive and kinder. On the upside, I got to talk to other people at the clinic who went through the same experience as me we shared war stories.

    It doesn't matter where you go, there you are
  • Hi

    As the others have said, did they say you were incurable? Most people like us have chemotherapy first along with radiotherapy and hormone therapy, then as a plan b go onto enzalutamide or Arberaterone ( keep spelling that wrong ) mainly because they will only give you one or the other and when that stops working your left with chemotherapy, which can see you right for a number of years despite the ups and downs of the side effects, which we know chemotherapy can bring, but enzalutamide does have side effects too, as I’am on it now fatigue tiredness and messes with your head, but that’s me.

    Stay safe


  • I have been offered Enzalutamide to start in October following injections of hormone therapy that began in July when i was diagnosed. The advice I have been given is that it better to go on this drug whilst you're relatively fit and well. Then Chemo would follow as the benefit of Enzalutamide reduces.

    Does anyone have similar experiences and what do you think are the benefits and disbenefits of this drug? 


  • Hi

    As. I’ve mentioned above it is a personal thing how you do things, while your fit and well chemotherapy is usually the best way to go, but I am not the oncologist, enzalutamide is a very good drug and is no where near as harsh as chemotherapy,I’am taking it now, weigh the pros and cons it is your decision. 
    Stay safe


  • Hi  Sussex20

    I have been looking into this and will be having RT followed by Enzalutamide.

    Like people say it's personal choice.

    Good luck with the treatment hope it goes well

    Take Care


  • It's my first day on Enzalutamide. So far I've just noticed fatigue in fact I really felt it when driving back from the gym (after gentle exercise) so it's something to note for the future.

    My PSA this week was14 so I'm hoping that his new drug will really make a difference and get it down. I'll keep everybody posted on progress and side effects.  

  • Hi

    Fourth day on Enzalutamide. Early days of course but this morning I started a new routine of pills at 7.30 and gym at 8 before breakfast. I feel much better in terms of less fatigue and not having sore legs or bone pain.

    Exercise seems to be really important when managing the side effects of this drug.   

  • Get up and go completely screwed tonight. I could barely get into bed. Double whammy of tablets and jab. Something must be working!

  • Hello, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I had the same choice to make a few month back. I chose the enzulatimide route as I was worried about the chemo side effects and wanted my children to see me getting back to a bit of normality. I know chemo is not as harsh as it use to be and effects people differently so it was just my personal choice, best to ask your oncologist team. The enzulatimide has worked well for me so far, the fatigue is manageable with gentle exercise and does get easier after a few weeks of being on it. Good luck.



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