Chemotherapy Advice?


So I am due to start my first of six rounds of docexetel next week.   I’ve looked at the potential list of side effects and there’s quite a few, aren’t there?    If any of you would like to let me know how chemo was for you,  good and bad,  and when any of these side effects start to happen then that would be most welcome Slight smile   Could you carry on working,  for those of you that still work?

Any advice you can give as well?   I’m not too bothered about losing my hair,  so won’t be using a cold cap, or whatever they are called.   I have also heard advice to chew on some ice cubes during the infusion to minimise mouth sores and ulcers?

Thanks Slight smile

  • Mr Smith

    I also had six sessions of chemo and finished them in April this year.

    The same one as your having. 

    like yourself I wanted to find out as much as I could so as to be ready.

    The chemo itself is made specially for you as prescribed.

    Everyone was really nice and reassuring.

    I sat each time in a large dentist type chair, this was very comfortable.

    Always took my iPad and a drink of cold water or juice in a container.

    Puzzle books,  up the time actually goes fast.

    Each session the nurse would ask me how I was and do her checks on me.

     She would put a connector in my arm for the chemo which will be on a drip, but first would give it a flush out for ten minutes.

    By then they will have your chemo and connect the to were the flush has been.

    My chemotherapy took around an hour each time and when it’s over they will disconnect and give another ten minute flush to the site.

    Don't worry there will be plenty of staff around and you just have to say if anything is not ok.

    However I was fine as most people are, they just need to know you are ok.

    They will give you some medication to take home ask if your not sure what they tell you or get the to write it down.

    First time I didn’t drive home but was fine after that.

    The first three sessions were kind to me and I wasn’t really affected, however what I didn’t now was that the chemotherapy is cumulative so by session four I was beginning to get the side affects.

    By session five I was feeling it.

    These included running to the bathroom having loose watery stools.

    Getting very tired and a horrible metallic taste in my mouth.

    Dont go near spices it just doesn’t work, everything tasted of lemon.

    I found having home made smoothies beneficial and took on board lots of fluids. five got a little worse and on session six I had my dose reduced.

    The reduction was to pins and needles and numbness in my feet and slightly in my hands.

    But I made  it to number six and the end, there is a hot line you can call (24 hours)

    Just do what your body tells you, if your tired sleep or rest.

    I was given cream for my dry skin and mouth wash for my mouth ulcers.

    Don't be  put off by some things you read it is doable.

    Yes I lost my hair but it’s back now.

    I-kept a diary and recorded my temperature am and pm when I took my medication. 

    I used a digital thermometer.

    Write in your diary all the side affects that may occur as it’s useful for when you go to each chemo or speak to the consultant.

    I bought a page a day diary.

    Keep your fluids  up and drink plenty, I had water with a splash of cordial.

    I wish you all the luck in the world MrSmith and never be alone if not me someone will always guide and help you.

    Feel free to read my profile please let me know how you get on or just want a talk.

    I had a rest after my Chemotherapy and have recently finish twenty sessions of radiotherapy.

    take care and stay safe, 

    Godd luck


    ”You never know how Strong you are,

    until being Strong is your only choice “

    Bob Marley 



  • Hi Spud,   That’s great information,  that really helps.  It’s one thing reading about what will happen on a cancer website such as this one,  but it’s another hearing first hand information from someone that has recently been through it.  Thanks for that!!