Is there agism withint the NHS? Are patients over the age of 80 told to "wait and see" and that their cancer is still confined within the prostate. I understand that it may be wiser to eradicate the cancer at the outset in such situations, especially if it is an aggressive one. I'm sure agism is rare but feel the issue should be discussed.

  • I have not experienced it, but I'm only 73. I was 71 at the time of diagnosis in late 2018 and treated with great respect. Sadly Covid has changed a lot of things in the NHS.

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  • Seamus is right when he says that Covid has had a big effect waiting times for NHS services.

    However if your tumour is well confined within the gland then active surveillance is def an option, I was on for 4 years.

    If u post your stats ie PSA, Gleeson etc then we can probably advise more