Tiredness and groin pain after prostate removal

Hi all 

I'm 9 1/2 weeks after my prostate was removed, I'm getting increased groin pain and get tired if I do anything at all. I'd have thought I'd be feeling a little better than this by now, is this common?


  • Hi, I am only  3 weeks post op and still have catheter in comes out Wednesday, just started walking around the  village and feel ok. Are you doing exercise ?

  • Hi, yes I've been slowly building exercise through walks for several weeks, things were improving but recently seemed to have gone backwards. I was hoping by what is now 10 weeks post Op, I'd be able to go for a 2-3 mile walk without pain building & fatigue setting in?

  • Yes me too, I have started walking with the catheter still in just around the local area 1to2 miles  and I do leak a bit but well padded up ! Not experiencing any tiredness yet and taking painkillers when required. I shall follow your progress with interest and wish you an easier road ahead as you get back to running. Take care. 

  • Thanks, hopefully everything is straight forward for yourself & the recovery is quick.

  • Hi, I am now seven weeks post prostate removal, I still get tired in the afternoon. I do sometimes get a bit of groin pain when I either do too many pelvic floor exercises or put just a little bit too much effort into them, which I did the other day. My condition post-operation is what I would call stationary it is not getting worse but also not improving. 

  • Thanks for the reply, I think the healing process is taking longer than I'd expected but it sounds like this can be the case for some folk, I'll need to readjust my expectations & let the healing take it's course. I hope your condition improves soon, it sounds like we're in it for the long run Thumbsup

  • If I may offer you the perspective of someone who is 18 months after surgery it's this: groin pain and other pain is not uncommon; healing often takes much longer than "they" say; and everyone recovers from a major operation such as a prostatectomy at a different speed. 

    The other day my wife and I were in a local park, and I remembered a time maybe 8 or 10 weeks after my operation, when we had visited the same park, and after walking less the a hundred yards from the car park I had an attack of groin pain so severe I couldn't move. It took me ages to get back to the car, just a few steps at a time. I'm pleased to say that now seems like a lifetime ago. In short - things will get better.

    Best wishes for your recovery

  • Thanks Angus, it seems to be a common theme that in time things do improve. I think I was expecting too much too soon. Good to hear that things are good with yourself now & thanks for the message Slight smile