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Penile Cancer - My story so far

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Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma of the penis in November 2016.  I had to undergo a partial penectomy which i have to say was most harrowing.  I am all healed now but am still going to 3 monthly appointments.

My partial penectomy was at the very scale end of a glansectomy as my cancer was not advanced.  It had started to travel slightly down my penis.  I was lery lucky to catch it early.  I found a lesion on the end of my foreskin and got it checked out immediately.  I then had a circumcision which revealed all sorts of horrors.  I was under the care of Christies Manchester who were brilliant.  My check-ups remain clear and I am pretty sure I will be ok from now on.  But i have to say, I was **** scared for a few months.  My recovery from my op was not a good one, I got an infection - never felt pain like it and I was off work for months.  But i can still pee stood up and have a healthy sex life.  I haven't lost too much length which is good for a bloke!

  I don't feel like because of the type of op I had makes me any less of a man.  If anything I am just glad to be alive and well.  There is always a niggling feeling of it coming back, but what's the point in worrying - It doesn't do anyone any good.  My wife and i got through it by laughing and taking the **** out of it.  We could have been morbid and upset about it but that wouldn't

Recently i have noticed white patches on the shaft and glans of the penis.  It is slightly sore but nothing to write home about.  I am told by my consultant that it maybe Penile Lichen Sclerosis. He has prescribed me potent hydrocortisone which I am applying cream regularly.  its hard to say if it is working or not at the moment as I have only been applying the cream for 2 weeks

that's where I am upto anyway.

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Thanks for sharing your story it's good to know all is going well. My husband also had glansectomy unfortunately unable to stand up to pee and the other has had a major effect on it as there was quite a bit taken away and he needs blue tablets  which cause severe headaches. We have to look on the positive side he  is still here. He has had Bowers disease in one of his fingers 2yrs after and we are awaiting a biopsy appointment to check his other hand as something similar is on another finger.

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Sounds very like my case, although I had to have 2 partial penectomies after the first was unsuccessful and had half of it removed.

Like you my wife and I laugh about it.

It had also spread to lymph nodes in the groin which I had removed and pelvic nodes removed in my last op all of which were cancer free.

Scans and check ups every 3 months now, I have been left with significant genital lymphadema which is really painful but I’ve been referred to a specialist for treatment so hopefully that will clear up too.

Total time off work was 8 months out of 12, talk about going stir crazy!

Luckily work were fantastic and supported me throughout.

Now looking forward to a well earned Mediterranean cruise in July