penile cancer

I am  wondering why there doesnt seem to be a lot for penile cancer

there doesnt seem to be a forum for it, feel i need to talk to someone


  • My boyfriend was diagnosed with penile cancer about two weeks ago and I also feel the need to talk. He has been diagnosed with beginning of stage three. We have been together for 3 years and we have been  having a long distance relationship which we were planning to end at the end of this year to finally move together. Now, I feel everything is out of order. I am not there to support him and I depend on all the information he is giving me and that I am reading on the Internet. I am scared to death, knot knowing what to expect and what the future will bring and how to deal with the entire situation.

  • Just joined site and cant believe there are no forums for this although we have been told that this is a very rare type of cancer. Recently had 2 major ops have been told will need further treatment but that was it, still dont know what is happening in limbo yet again.


  • Hello Hope25,

    Sorry to hear of your husbands predicament, having recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer myself, and finding various skin problems in that region since the operation to remove the bladder cancer a few months ago, i have only now become aware that this type of cancer exists, not ever having heard of it before, I am now petrified i may be in the same boat until a meeting with my Urologist on the 23/12 and am hopeing that it is just some reaction to what has been done to me.

    However i imagine the lack of people in this group on this site is purley down to mens reluctance to talk about these things especially in that area, i have found that there are not many guys on here by comparison to the amount of females, who are quite happy to discuss their problems, and more often than not you will only find women in the chat area of this site, for the very same reason.

    I have found it to be very benificial to be able to talk about the cancer that affects me, and have learnt quite a lot about it, something that although i have been a carer for a few family members in the past didnt really know that much about the cancer itself, you will find a lot of information on this site once you have worked out where to find it. ! which is not always easy or logical.

    I hope you have a resonable solution to your woes and a good outcome.



  • hi pauli havent seen you on site recently hope your ok did you have a nice new year or were you like us and boring and went to bed.


  • Hi,

    I have sent you a private message.

    But yes i was boring and in bed before midnight! its just another day.

    let me know you got my private message ok. thanks.