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Pancreas cancer that has already spread to liver

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Hi all,

I live in Ireland and joined this support group in 2013 when my husband had small cell lung cancer. I am now back as my brother in Australia has pancreas cancer and I want to know as much as I can before I visit him in February.

He was diagnosed 23Dec2019. Prognosis not good. Has already spread to liver and lining of stomach. He has 2 hours chemo for 3 weeks and then more scans. He has already has an infection.

I understand lung cancer and how the person feels and the side effects. Heading out to Australia how can I prepare, what are the worst side effects that I can help him with.

Thank you all you good people X

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Hello cwitch

I am sorry to hear your news.

Over time in this forum I have learned that pancreatic cancer manifests itself in many ways. Some people experience pain. Quite often people lose their appetite.But none of this might happen.

If you haven’t done so it might be worth having a look at Pancreatic Cancer UK site. There is lots of helpful stuff there and the nurses on the helpline are experienced and excellent. 

I hope your visit goes well.