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Books to help

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Sorry if this isn't allowed in here, and I have made a post about dealing with my Grandma's recent terminal diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for books that I could read to help me prepare and deal with my grief at this sad time.

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Hello Hope

I can’t see any problem with asking this question. My experience is that we all process grief in different ways so a book might not give you the answers you want. Have a look at the Pancreatic Cancer UK website and you will find they have good literature.

The thing I can’t stress enough is that although you will be sad there will still be good times ahead with your Grandma. She wants to be normal so try to help her with this and take a day at a time.

There are a lot of wise people here. I’m hoping they will come on and say something.


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Hi hopeisallaround.

I've just read a riveting book written by a nurse who worked for many years in the NHS  intensive care unit. Please don't let the title put you off. There's far more to this book that meets the eye. The book is called ' The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences' By Dr. Penny Sartori. Whilst working for the NHS she embarked on a 5yr. Scientific study of this subject and not only came up with some incredible case studies  but also learnt that this earth walk of ours is only a part of our existence. Her study and results are totally non religious based so she is selling nothing. I do hope you find this book appropriate to your needs. If not I apologise in advance. 


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