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my dad has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

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Hi Everyone,

my dad has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on th 23rd december after nearly 2 weeks of constant tests,

the docs have told him, he only has a few months to live, with no offer of surgery here in the uk as he is too advanced and they think the cancer has started to spread into his bowels and small intestines, as they have found more in his small intestines, he's had enough of tests, and does not want to know any more, so we dont know if it has started to spread, but thats what the doctors are thinking.

so far my dad is suffering with a little stomach pain, dark urine, jaundice, blood in his feaces, he he has alot of gas which he originally thought was wind, he is taking paracetamol for the pain at the moment and his usual blood pressure etc tablets,and now after reading all your stories, i dread to think whats coming to be honest,

 he is 68 years old and at the moment he is walking, with a stick! as he has arthritis as well, he is very yellow and the hospital was supposed to have put a stent in to relieve his jaundice but the machine has broke so has to wait another week before it can be done, so they have given him antibiotics instead until the machine is fixed.

 i see him every day, each day he is losing so much weight, he was a big guy! and today of all days he looked really withdrawn in his face and poorly, but at the moment he is doing things for himself slowly, not as quick as he used to be,

i am 29, a lonely child as well and have my husband and 3 children ages 11, 5 and 0 (7 month) and am so scared,

my dad lives on his own has done for many many years now as thats how he likes it, as soon as it gets all too much for him, im thinking a hospice will be better for him, but im hoping he will go in his sleep as i dont want him to go with pain and suffering, that will make me more upset to see him like that and me being so helpless,

 its devasting enough to be diagnosed with this and then too see that as many of your heartbreaking stories have already said, thankyou to this website and all of your stories it has really helped me to think about whats coming and to prepare myself but to be really honest, i am still in denial, he doesnt want any treatment because of his age

i would be greatful to anyone who could give me some reassurance or supporting words right now, so i dont feel so alone, i love my dad so much i do not want him to suffer,

 thankyou for all sharing your thoughts and personal stories with this site, many thanks donna xxxx

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Hi Donna

I am sorry to hear about your father and especially about the delay in inserting a stent, have they also presecribed steroids to try to reduce inflammation - they often do that if there is a delay in stenting. Once he has the stent that will relieve the jaundice and itching and hopefully he will start to regain some appetite. Couldn't they have referred him to another hospital for stenting or borrowed an endoscope? The antibiotics will be to stop risk of infection due to the blocked bile duct. Has he talked to an oncologist yet about treatment? The standard treatment for pancreatic cancer is relatively mild - despite what they said on Eastenders last night and gemcitabine may help to reduce pain if he responds to it.

best wishes Sue


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going through same thing but dont know the outcome ,just want to say thoughts are with you 

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my father has just been diagnosed with PC and it is very advanced

his symptoms like your father were severe jaundice and loss of appetite and they put in a stent about 3 weeks ago and he was told that was the best he was going to feel and to go home after opp and make the most of feeling great...................well that all went wrong as he developed a liver infection and has become so weak - he was allowed home this week and now we are waiting (another week) for a biopsy on his liver to see if it has spread - a CT scan has shown spots on his kidneys, liver and lungs so we think it has spread. After nearly 4 weeks we got him home but he is really fit for nothing - he is breatheless and can barely walk and just wants to sleep. Jaundice has gone but still no appetite - but I dont think I would want to eat if I thought my time was up.

Its been like a bomb has been dropped on our family - we were all happy and my parents were enjoying becoming grandparents with the birth of my little girl 6 months ago. We all feel robbed.

My dad is so scared and we try to lift his spirits but we find it so hard to get any information from the Doctors on what is happening.

We havent had an official diagnosis yet but with doctors unsensitively saying things like its the biggest tumour they have seen in a pancreas and on a scale of 1-10 it is 10 and bad we are worried.

Is you Dad still with us or has he passed away.

How have you coped?

I agree the heartbreaking stories on here make you realise you are not alone but equally I think we are all wishing for a magic answer or wand to make things better for us all.

Lorraine x


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Hi Sue

I was interested that you said the treatment for pancreatic cancer is relatively mild. This is something that has been mentioned to my father in law who is still awaiting the outcome of a biopsy to judge the stage and grade of his inoperable tumour. The team at Oxford Radcliffe have said he will need "mild" chemo once a fortnight - presumably with Gemcitabine. Are you able to give any more detail about the treatment and why it is considered to be mild please.

many thanks in advance.



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Chemotherapy is whole-body treatment for a local (maybe several local) tumour. It is intended to be toxic to the tumour(s), and as such chemotherapy tends to have side-effects. The side effects get discussed on this site.

'Mild' doesn't mean ineffective. It means that the side effects of Gemcitabine are reasonably limited and manageable, by comparison to some other drugs such as platinum which is quite toxic.