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How long does whipple's give me??

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Having read loads of posts the common progress seems to be that although I am lucky to be offered the surgery it may only extend my life for another five years?? Is this realistic? Is it not an all out cure?? Perhaps I am being naive.
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Dear Jane

That is a hard question, every person is an individual and you need to consider yourself to be unique

I know many who have survived more than 5 years and although they are doing research to see if they can predict who will do well and who less well they cannot predict how long you personally will live

It can depend on exactly what type of cancer it is, exactly where it is and whether they manage to remove it all in the surgery and also most probably your own unique genetics of yourself and your cancer but that is a research question

All they can quote is statistics but each patient is unique, some do very well, some less well but if the cancer is caught early enough for surgery and before it has spread that is the best chance of doing well

Even with breast cancer it can recur after 5 years.

Without surgery a very few people can do well and survive 2-3 years but they may be on treatment most of that time. With surgery there is the chance that you have the surgery, then chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy for 6 months and then you need no more treatment.

You can read the patient biographies on the Pancreatic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Action websites and healthtalkonline to see some people who have survived more than 5 years

best wishes Sue

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As Sue say, and as I did too, each person is unique.

However, survival for 5 years after diagnosis is considered an effective cure, especially is that is recurrence free.