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My lovely mum is gone.

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Dear friends 

My lovely mum is gone PC has won again and claimed yet one more victim. We need to do whatever possible to raise awareness for this awful disease. My mum survived 4 months after diagnosis and went downhill very fast. She was in hospital on the 5th of January for a week with thrombosis.  She passed away 10th of February. 

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So sorry for your loss Alex. It’s a cruel disease   Seems like it is good at hiding away and then pouncing with claws and fangs out. 

My mum was diagnosed just after New Year. Came home on 4th Jan and died 4th Feb. I miss her so much but she is with my dad now and doesn’t have to put up with the pain anymore. 

Sending you a big hug. It’s a horrible thing to try and learn to live with. 


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Hi Alex and Katanna,

So sorry to you both, my beautiful mum passed in September and was diagnosed in June. She was poorly for a year losing weight but kept being fobbed off. Its such a horrible thing i still cant believe she is gone. She was the rock of our family.

Its so sad that the statistics for this terrible disease hasn't changed in 40 years. It just robs people of their loved ones out of know where. I didn't even know it existed until it took my mum.

She was 66...and a young 66. I thought she would be here forever. My heart will never mend and I miss her terribly and feel very lost.

Hoe are you both? Its hard for anyone to understand thats why i come on here. Here to talk if you need or want to.

Much love to you and our mums up there xxxx


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So incredibly sorry for your losses Alex, Katanna, snd Hayley.  It just doesn't make any sense. 

Sending my love Christina 

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Thanks you too xxx

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Thank you very much Christina.

I feel your pain Hayley and Katana. Our loss is heavy and difficult to put into words. I  do hope mum is now with dad and they will keep looking over my sister and I. If anyone needs to vent I will be here to listen.

I wish you all the strength and I hope there are only good times ahead for all of us.

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I’m sorry for your loss, I lost my brother in law to Pc last Saturday, it’s very hard to be positive. I have to be strong as my husband also has stage 4 PC and has had 19 sessions of chemo over the last 11 months, but he is no longer strong enough to have anymore treatment. We try to be positive and do an activity together every day even if it is for half an hour. He has found our sons Meccano so our dining room is a workshop. 

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Hi lovelies

It’s now 21 weeks since my lovely Mum passed from the hideous vile PC. I can’t bare this overwhelming sadness that’s with me 24/7 . I’m exhausted with grief. She passed at 3.40am such was the traumatic way she had to endure her last few days I wake every day at 3.40 or within 5 mins either way. I just can’t break this cycle . Ive been offered counselling but I ll leave it to the 6 month stage. It’s just the worst cancer. Alex things are so raw at first but it get s a little better the total meltdowns are more spaced they were making me ill . What I’d do to sit and have a chat with her only if it was possible . I’ve set up a monthly direct debit to PC research . There s been no change in 40 years unbelievable. My Mum like all of your s fought so hard to stay in this life & I think it’s the right thing to do in her memory . I’m so sorry to the lady who just lost her brother in law and husband is suffering from it. It’s a rubbish time . I try not to dwell on Mum s last few days and think of her beautiful smile . Big hugs to you all Gilly xx