Husband been ill since last December with pancreatic cancer

He had ten weeks with a blocked duodenumdue to tumour on pancreas pressing on duodenum ,all that time he couldn’t eat a thing , he had bowel respected to different position ,but he is still unable to eat apart from weetabix and milky drinks ,we can’t see a way forward on this 

  • Hi kevin

    this sounds so much like what we are enduring at the moment I am hoping we find a way forward.

    thank you for your input it helps to know there are others in this position x

  • Hello squeeky

    it is one week since my husband has had the whipples procedure. It has made me very scared as he is so week.

    i have no idea what the future holds , I know none of us do but I just want this all to disappear. Such a big surgery and now to see what is next chemo? Or more bad news ? It seems never ending . I just want to pick him up and run away 

  • Hello My girl

    Your husband will be weak after surgery but he will begin to improve and get his strength back. Chemo is almost always offered after the Whipple just to ‘make sure’.

    Its very difficult but try to be positive and look forward. It’s like a nightmare, I know but keep going.