Husband been ill since last December with pancreatic cancer

He had ten weeks with a blocked duodenumdue to tumour on pancreas pressing on duodenum ,all that time he couldn’t eat a thing , he had bowel respected to different position ,but he is still unable to eat apart from weetabix and milky drinks ,we can’t see a way forward on this 

  • Hello

    im sorry to hear your news. Is your husband using Creon? Has he seen a dietitian? They may be able to suggest drinks which would help.


  • I am in the same position today is a bad day.

    i can t stop crying and don t know what to do xx

  • Yes he uses creon religersly ,he had a bowel resection to enable him to eat ,but although he has 2 of the advanced shakes ,weetabix,and soup ,fruit and ice cream ,that’s the extent of his diet ,he,s lost 5st and is now having chemo which is flooring him 

  • My heart goes out to you. I have only just started this nitemare but it’s the food thing that causes me much distress 

    my darling hubby loved his food x

  • I think that there are a few of us here who understand the situation when someone cannot eat. I used to worry and try to make my husband take food. But it distressed both of us and ultimately we agreed that he would eat if he could but I wouldn’t press him to do so.


  • I can so relate to this, my partner was a big man, he has lost so much weight. He finds a reason for not eating and only has a bit of soup, a few cornflakes or a couple of cracker. He always enjoyed spicy food but not any more. I had hoped that he would at least enjoy those flavours. It makes you feel so helpless and neglectful watching them shrink before you. 

    Love is eternal
  • hello needing friends and everyone with eating

    since my diagnosis with PC and I guess for some time I had been losing weight steadily. to date it is just over 3st [ 20kg ] and the strange thing was I did not feel hungry at all. my taste buds were all over the place. Sharon , my partner , and I looked at all the advice were given by Macmillan and others and what we decided to do was eat what I fancied rather than stick religiously to a healthy diet.

    11 weeks after whipples operation and 2 sessions into chemo we have discovered my sweet tooth , absent for the last 55 years , and I have disciplined myself to eat between meals which is breaking the habit of a lifetime. I have rediscovered crumpets , mini trifles , scones with butter and jam , marmalade on toast , cakes and biscuits. none of these foods have been on my menu for years.

    eat little and often was the advice and I am pleased to say some weight is slowly coming back although I have to watch blood sugar levels.

    the appetite problem is not easy to deal with but I hope all those struggling will find something they enjoy which will get them back on the right path

  • Hi 

    it’s good to hear you are enjoying some snacks etc 

    my hubby has just been diagnosed lost about the same amount of weight and we are waiting on scans to see if an operation can take place

    he has no appetite and is just drinking fortisip which he hates .

    i have no idea how to help him many things just make him sick 

  • good to hear from you

    I won't pretend that my experience is typical as it seems that all patients react differently and what's good for one doesn't necessarily mean its good for another. however there is no doubt in my mind that the loss of appetite has a huge effect psychologically on our general well being. I was recommended to consume Ensure [ although I call it Endure ] . I imagine like fortisip it tastes just as horrible although ,  if you can get it , the orange flavoured Ensure is more palatable

    Sharon was very concerned about me wasting away and she very determinedly persevered with all sorts of alternatives  until we hit on something I liked. one of the problems I found was despite the weight loss I wasn't feeling hungry and that obviously compounded the situation.

    I had 3 scans [ MRI CT and PETS ] but in the final analysis the surgical team recommended that surgery was the only option to effectively diagnose the problem and hence what further treatment was needed I e chemo.

    so far so good but I would like you to know that I , among many others , on this forum will be extremely sympathetic to the difficulties that you and your husband are facing. I sincerely hope that you find a way forward.

    Very Best Wishes