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Ovarian cancer

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Any advice on stage 4 Ovary Cancer?

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Hi Pat

Thanks for your kind reply.

After 2 weeks if my 1st chemo I noticed my shoulder length hair falling out in clumps & getting into knots after sleeping & pain o&m itching of scalp. Is this normal as the big knots formed by itself feel like straw.  I also get pain in the groin/hip/leg when I carry a something heavy like 1 litre of water in my rucksack.  

2nd chemo in Tuesday I hope my symptoms d& immune system don't get worse as I tht my nurse said the chemo would have worn off by 3rd week before my next session. I 'lm suppose to have bloods a day before chemo and not every week like you, did you have chemo every week?

Thanks Pat!

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Hi Gudetama,

Yes everything you are experiencing is normal for our illness and treatment. I found I couldn't manage anything heavy after a while, I had chemo every three weeks like you. I got my hair shaved when it started falling out, I promise it is not too bad, you might suit it, lots of people do. I was getting blood tests as my blood white cell count was low, so I got a transfusion. I was also short on magnesium so got a magnesium flush , similar to chemo drip, for that. You will get used to being tired and will know when you need to rest. It is frustrating not being able to lft things and getting too tired, sometimes to socialise or even talk!! Don't worry everyone is experiencing this. Please text anytime. I also recommend you google health unlocked, under there you will find a forum only for people with ovarian cancer. You will get a lot of support and advice there and they are as welcoming as this forum. See you there?

Have a good week.

Love pat xx

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Happy New year Addison!

How are you now? 

I've had my 4th chemo in Xmas Eve & I'm wait for my major surgery on 22/1. What tests did you have prior to surgery? And how long did you recover before the next chemo? They have scheduled me to have 5th chemo 2 weeks free surgery, is this ok? As my body hasn't even recovered from 8hr surgery how did you manage? Cos they say I have to have pleural infusion to release fluids from my lung and cos I'm anaemic they have to do a ferejed injection of iron 2 weeks before surgery. Did you have something similar?