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Awaiting surgery

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Evening all hope you all had a lovely Easter bank holiday, I would just like to share my anxiety and anticipation that I have been going through lately , I was diagnosed in August of last year and have been coping well with my treatment and anxiety until recently , I started my chemo in October with the view to having 3 cycles surgery for debunking then 3 more cycles after the surgery, surgery took place a week before Xmas and it wasn’t until the next day after surgery I was informed they could not perform the surgery as the cancer has attached to the bowel and will need a bowel surgeon along with the gynaecologist surgeon so had 3 more cycles of chemo which ended on 25th feb, now the anxiety and anticipation have really kicked in has they have to get a date when the 2 surgeons are free to work together , as we all know our lives with cancer can be so structured but now I feel just left on my own, I get they have busy lives but the waiting for the phone call or a letter every day is so hard, I swear if I had hair I would be pulling it out

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hopefully you will hear soon. That's very disappointing to go for surgery and find out you never actually received it, have you not had any appointments since finishing your chemo? No scans?