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Updates ! Chemo / Hair loss/ Party /Life after the Lump !

Veggie Vix
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Morning all 

Just an update from me, just had my 2nd Chemo yesterday, not too bad wrist very sore from the Cannula but prepared for symptoms to hit tonight ( they did after Chemo 1)   But all went well, blood results are good and CA125 was 19 - I wasn't that high at 75.2 but thats still a good result. 

Hair, my hair has been thinning since my Hysterectomy and I had to have it shaved off Friday, head was tingling on Thursday and really hurt, then Friday morning in the shower big amounts were coming out, so a number 2 shave happened with my friend who is a hairdresser and I have  turned it into a Charity Shave, so friends and sister came to watch and sister even shaved a bit off, quite liberating I found, took my fab wig with me, wore it for 20 mins ash and whipped it off in the Coffee shop and we walked through town with no wig. Have been wearing wild shaves and channelling my inner Winne Mandala - been asked to do a tutorial on then - ha I just wing it, so any better tips/ hints send them my way. Sleep caps I have purchased too. Do you wear your wig all the time, only certain times, I love wigs and have a few for fancy dress, so have a few choices, as it gets colder I will wear it more I guess...  I know lots font bother with a wig, but hopefully for a Christmas outing I will wear it and feel a little 'normal' i guess ??

Saturday night had a #effofflumpparty I had planned something all along after Cancer was diagnosed, such fab support from friends, family & facebook/twitter friends... So we all wore wigs, my dad at 83 joined in with a fab blonde long wig ! We had a cake, a wonderful cake maker made it - with Target Ovarian Cancer logo on and my niece age 6 raised another £104.00 selling bracelets and pin badges for Target Ovarian Cancer.  She was great, happy with coins and thrilled when people put in notes ! 

So fun things done and lots of laughs and outings and now a week of resting and relaxing after Chemo 2. Slept ok last night as was dozing nicely at Chemo, met fab other sufferer, one who lives in my town. New anti sickness drugs, Have now got the Udder Cream as its called by friends for moisturising,  have been using my goodie bag from Look Good Feel Better - fab products and hints and tips and I have made up every day - big eyelashes while I still have them  (when do they fall out??) eyebrows are ok just a little help needed.  Nails - should I expect changes in nails ? friends have asked how they are ?? 

It seems I have forgotten about my old work life, when did you go back to work after treatment, or did you not ?? 

Well hope you are all doing ok, having more good days then bad days ! 

Love & hugs from me. x 

Vix x 
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I hope you don't mind me popping in as I'm from the melanoma group but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies.

You certainly sound as if you have a very positive attitude toward your treatment and I love the idea of having a party to raise money for Target Ovarian Cancer!

I'm hoping that by replying to you and 'bumping' your post back to the top of the page others in this group will see it and come back with some answers to the questions you're asking. While you're waiting for replies you could use the search bar to look for previous posts on the things you're querying or post the medical questions in ask a nurse, where one of the specialist nurses will aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

I was in the fortunate position of having already retired when I was diagnosed so didn't need to think about a return to work. I've found this information for you on going back to work which you might find useful. For example your employer make have to make reasonable adjustments to help you get back to work.

Wishing you all the best for your ongoing treatment and recovery!

 "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"

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Hello Veggie Vix

Their is a pattern to the chemo, make notes on how you feel and the pattern will show itself and you can then plan your life around it. 

Like you l had my head shaved as soon as my hair started to drop out in clumps. Got myself a couple of lovely wigs, different from my old bob style as fancied a change. When the weather got too warm l started using  scarves. Found some great ideas on good old You Tube.

I finished my treatment in May and by early July my hair started to grow back.It has come back grey but l intend to wear my grey hair with pride.   My eye lashes and brows lasted a long time but did eventually disappear. They grew back ok but l was shocked to loose my lashes again 12 weeks after treatment. This is normal as they take 6 weeks to grow, then after a further 6 weeks they go into the normal shedding but because they all grew at the same time they started to all drop out together!  Apparently in time they will go into a different shedding pattern which is the norm and not noticeable. Never had any issues with nails.

If you get given anti histamine alongside your chemo this can make you sleepy at the time but be warned the anti sickness meds can stop you from sleeping on the night of chemo. I found this to be a regular occurrence with Carboplatin, but never with Taxel. 

I was just about to take early retirement after 33 years of fulltime work so this has never been an issue for me. Work do have to make adjustments where necessary and let you attend all medical appointments, you will need to discuss with your HR or boss. Make sure you only go back when you are ready as it is vitally important to look after yourself at this time.

You sound like a positive strong lady and humour will help you through this time. Sending hugs and best wishes. X