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Should I be worried? After having had a period of feeling unwell, unbearable stomach cramps diahrrea constipation raised temp bloods revealed elevated crb( inflammation) , I eventually passed a stool that was maroon in colour followed by black one. An ultrasound revealed a follicle/cyst measuring 2.2 cm. they said it looked ok however today 4 days later I have been told that I have raised ca125 levels. This is at 96. Should I be worried? An initial comment made mentioned diverticulisis. Any posts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Beth, I'm sorry you find yourself here.

I can't tell you not to worry but try not to let it consume you. Ca125 is not a 'gold standard' test as I understand and it can be raised for other reasons not as frightening as OC. What follow up is being offered?

With love, Jenna x

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Although CA125 levels can be raised for other reasons, a person without cancer would expect to be below 35 I am led to believe, however at diagnosis mine was 34, so not really a guide for everyone.  A cyst caught early and treated means if it is OC it can be curative.

Good luck

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Hi Beth,

I know CA125 levels can be raised in patients with endometriosis, ovarian cancer or benign ovarian cysts so a raised level does not necessarily mean cancer. Mine was almost 600 prior to surgery, I have had severe endometriosis for several years and my ovarian cyst was 11cm but the consultant was 90% confident it wasn't cancer right up to the lab results coming back :-( I have been in remission  for 7 months now. Hope all goes ok, keep in touch.

Linda xx

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Hi Beth , raised ca125 as others have said aren't always an indication of o/c , mine  was 195 , It can be raised due to pain, smoking, infection many other reasons so try not to worry too much which I know is easier said than done.feel free to msg me if you want to chat,good luck. dawn  x

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Hi Beth,

 I was diagnosed with O C on the 14/08/13 My C a 125 was 19 which I am told is normal. however I have a cyst measuring 22 x20 x18  Us an Ct scans have shown it to be O c. I am due an operation on 01/10/13 to remove the cyst and have a radical hysterectomy as well all the other usual bits that are removed. so the blood test is not a proof positive, it is just a piece of the jigsaw which might be an indicator.