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end of treatment fears..

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Hey my names emily, i was diagnosed in april with low grade stage 3c ovarian cancer which obviously came as a huge shock being diagnosed at the age of 19 especially after around 9 months of mis-diagonsis. 

i had my full debulking surgery only 3 and a half weeks after being diagnosed and then started on carbo/taxol at the end of june so everything for me has happened really quickly all in a bit of a whirlwind.

 i am due my final chemo in a weeks time and the thought of it being the end has completely knocked me! i thought i would be happy to finally be at the end of the road and be finished with treatment but the reality is the complete opposite.   I'm not sure if its becuase for the last 6 months all i have known is hospitals and chemo every 3 weeks and now im faced with not having any of that left or that safety blanket of getting a check up from the nurses at each chemo. I have a 22 month old daughter so inbetween chemo and everything else i have been kept very busy and my mind pre-occupied but i feel now the fact i have cancer is really starting to sink in to me and is affecting me more than ever.

i feel at a total loss and was just wondering if anyone else had similar feelings towards the end of their treatment? i know im not going to get flung aside by the doctors and will still see my consultant regularly but i cant seem to get the thought of the cancer coming back and not getting picked up on out of my head, probably because i was mis-diagnosed for all that time.

thank you :) 

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I'm sorry you've had to go through this at such a young age. I was diagnosed with Stage IV low grade cancer last year and I finished chemo in October. I felt exactly how you felt and from meeting other women with OC this is quite normal.

I found it helpful to find something to focus on so I've done some fundraising and I also went on a course organised by Target Ovarian called 'Finding My New Normal' which helped.

We are in it for the long haul hun......

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Hi Emily, My name is zuzana, im 32 years old with 6 year old son. i though im too young but u sweetie are far too young for OC. Im stage 3c as well, last chemo back in dec 2011. starting second line of chemo after christmas due to some changes in abdomal wall :( was hoping to longer quiet time but i havent done that bad either. U will be more monitor now,blood ca125 will be taken and ct scans every 3 months.if u will think or feel something is happening feel free to see your oncologist. U have so much to live for so keep strong and positive for your daughter. fingers cross for u xxx

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I think most people feel like that once treatment is over.  If you've got a specialist nurse talk to her and try to arrange some counselling.  If not, talk to MacMillan and see if there is a local support group.  If all that gets no help, ask your GP for a referral to a counsellor.  You are very young and having a very young child must be exhausting.  There is a forum run by Ovacome on Health Unlocked.  If you joined that you would find a lot of support.  Ovacome run a support group for young women with OC that meets in London.  Please google them and have a look at their website,

I am so sorry this has happened to you but I hope you find some consolation in the fact that low grade cancer has a better prognosis than the aggressive variety.