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ct scan following last chemo

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I have been today to see my oncologist at UCLH to review a recent CT scan following the end of chemo therapy on Jan 31st. I am on ICON 8 and have had weekly Taxol and 3 weekly carboplatin. I had surgery after the first 3 cycles. The outcome was that "all visible signs of disease were removed". I had 2 full cycles after surgery and then on the third cycle had to forgo the last Taxol as I had deveioped a hot red rash on the right hand and some on the left. So the last 138mgs of Taxol were not given. The upshot of this is that I had an interim CT scan on the 13th of January - nothing showing and blood tests CA125 was 31.

Today however on seeing my oncologist she said that the recentCT scan Feb 27th  showedsuspicious signs on the lung of 2/3 lesions however she said that she could not confirm the origon of these as the report was inclonclusive. I have been asked to wait for a further 6 weeks to see if these either go away or develop and grow. In other words wait and see. Incidentally the CA125 today was 19. I am worried that sitting around doing nothing could be the wrong thing to do. SO the question is do I ask for a second opinion, Do i try to find out what a more proactive unit would do, and finally if any of you out in the mist have heard of this sort of dilema and if so what you would advise. Look forward to hearing from you.



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hi, was wondering what decision you have come to as my brother in law is facing similar after being in remission from primary bowel cancer, only he wasnt told that the oncology team were "keeping an eye on" a lesion on his lung, but now has been refered to the lung team at kings hospital for further investigation & feels a little let down that this wasnt done sooner, not sure the "wait & see" approach is a good one, best wishes, Caz.