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Thigh ache 6 weeks after chemo

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I was wondering whether anyone has experienced an ache in their thighs following chemo (Taxol and Platinum). I feel really well and the ache which comes and goes does not stop me walking. 

I worry because I know if the cancer has spread in the lymph it can cause pain. 

My CA125 is 11 so would that pick up ovarian cancer if it has spread to the lymph?

Thank you

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Hi Terrapin 

It would be well worth reporting the ache to your medical team just in case it might be related to a DVT or something else.  

DVTs seem to be under-recognised for people who have ovarian cancer, although they are not uncommon, and although I guess they are probably much more likely to develop before or during treatment rather than just afterwards it's probably well worth getting it checked out.

(You might want to Google "ovarian cancer + dvt" and "thigh ache + dvt" so you have some knowledge and your concerns aren't dismissed without good reason if you speak to a doctor or nurse without specific knowledge.)

Best wishes

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Thank you very much JayKay8,

I will do that. I’m seeing my oncologist on Monday.

Maxine S
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I am on taxol only and I have pain in my thigh and groin. I had this when initially on taxol/carbo. I had quite a bit of joint pain.

Maxine xxx

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Thank you Maxine,

That’s reassuring to hear.


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Hi. My wife suffers from the pain in her thighs. To be honest apart from the hairloss it's about the only side effect that she really experienced. She discussed it at her consultation after the second round of chemo and they agreed to reduce the dose of the Paclitaxol. She still has the pains and now needs a walking stick as her leg sometimes gives way but they are not as sore as they were. She tells me it was that bad that even the weight of a sheet on them was enough to give her pain.

It's definitely worth discussing with your care team.

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Dear Stuartpccsek,

Thank you very much. I will discuss it with my oncologist when I see her next week.

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I too had lots of joint pain while taking taxol/carbo.  I am now taking Zujula tablets and have developed thigh pain.  Usually during the night or first thing in the morning.

Thigh pain does not prevent my walking, however, neuropathy  has made walking/balance very difficult. Good luck with your treatment.