Help - Large Complex Ovarian Cyst

10-11 weeks ago my mum had problems passing Urine.
We spent around 8 hours in the hospital and finally they put a catheter in which helped.

The hospital then sent her away with advise that she would be passed onto Gyne for further tests.

Long story short, comms were poor and we had to chase up appointments and finally 2 weeks later she had a ultra sound scan.

The results were given to her 4-5weeks ago and they have found a ovarian cyst.

The consultant refered her to an urgent 2 weeks CT Scan which we had to keep chasing as we didn't recieve an appointment a week later and after being persistant they finally gave an appointment which feel 2 days outside the 2 week window however it was for an MRI Scan.

2-3 weeks ago she had the MRI Scan and the results were provided to her last week.

The report stated the following - 

There is a well defined right ovarian cyst (13cm by 8cm), it contains fluid with atty component and protenaceous material.
There is also a partial septation of the cyst.
There are some low intensity loose bodies seen within the cyst.

The differential diagnosis would be a dermoroid or other possibly sinister ocarian cystic mass.

Left ovary contains a 2.9cm well defined cystic lesion. The uterus is displaced forward and compressed by the right large ovarian cyst.
There is no fibroid utreus.
Some nabothian custs noted in the cervix. A Foley catheter is noted in the bladder.
There is degenerative disc disease noted at L4/5 qne L5/S1 with focal posterior annular tear of the disc'.

She had a CA blood test last week and with the results and the above, the consultant will be bring my mothers case up on their weekly meeting to discuss if this is an urgent 2 week op or non urgent op.

They said they wont be able to determine if its 100% cancerous until post op diagnosis.

Just wanted views of similar journey and what it may lead to and what to expect?

  • I'm sorry your question is so difficult to answer and the average member would be hard-pressed to help. The nurses on this site may be able to help and can be contacted Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm on FREEPHONE 0808 808 0000.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi, 

    This time last year i was diagnosed with a Complex Ovarian cyst.  It was huge (36x25) after my CT I had to wait for my Consultant to have a MDT meeting to discuss the options.  I waited for two weeks from my CT Scan until i saw the consultant and then a further three weeks until i had my operation.  I needed to have the ovary and tubes removed and was told that if any cancer was found i would need to go back to have a radical hysterectomy. As i was 39 and finished having children i decided that i would have everything removed at the same time and had my omentum and cervix taken as well.  I was lucky as the histology came back as Stage 1 Grade B and as i had had the surgery I did not need any further treatment.

    I hope that everything goes well for your Mum and she is sorted out soon.  

    Take care 

  • Hi

    Here is my journey of complex cysts....following a tranvaginal and abdomen ultrasound scan i was diagnosed with complex ovarian masses. my left ovarian cyst was 9cm x 5cm and the right was 4cm x 3cm. i was immediately referred to gyny specialist who rescanned me 3 days later and took more details with regard to my symptoms etc....due to the scan pictures looking "suspicious" i was referred to oncology gyny specialist under the 2 week ruling but actually got to see them at 3 weeks....i had my ca125 tested at this apt which was normal and an apt was made at the consultation for mri scan which i had 1 week later...i got my results 2 days later.

    complex cysts were confirmed on the mri, compromised uterus and pressure on surrounding organs. due to size of the cysts and my very swollen and my age (51) and family history of breast cancer my surgeon wanted to do laparotomy surgery was booked for 3 weeks later. i had a total hysterectomy including cervix. both ovaries removed, omentum removed, and lymph nodes and washout.

    i left hospital after 7 days after getting post op chest infection and ileus. i was told i would get my results about 3 weeks post op but in fact i didn,t get them until 5 weeks later. it was a very long wait because as you say they dont know if these complex cysts are cancer until after they have been removed.

    i too had good result of stage 1 grade b and because i,d had all the surgery i dont need further treatment.

    hope this gives you further information about xxx best wishes

  • Thank you all for your response.

    It has been 2 weeks today since I personally spoke to the Gyne consultant and she advised me that there were 2 outcomes depending on the CA 125 blood test results -

    1. Urgent Op at a specifilist hospital, within 2 weeks if the results were high

    2. Less urgent Op, within 4-6 weeks at our local hospital which is more general

    The Op would be either key hole or a major op (laparotomy), although we believe due to the size of the cyst it would most like be a laparotomy OP.

    The cinsultant also said these options was going to be discussed on the coming Wednesday (6th August) at their MDT meeting and when asked when we would know by, she said she would let us know on Thursday.

    Thursday came and went with no response, so I emailed the consultant. She didn't respond until the following Thursday (after I chased her again explaining the anxiety that was causing us all).

    She advised that the MDT was rescheduled for Friday 8th August and she would be in touch.

    Friday came and went and by Wednesday I sent another email. She responded advising that the MDT was cancelled again and was going to be taking place on Friday, however the blood test results were normal and as the MRI scan didn't show anything conclusive she believed that it would be a 4-6week op (non urgent).

    We are still waiting for the results of the MDT, if it actually did finally take place on the 22nd however I have read that even with an MRI and normal blood test results, they will not know the full extent of how serious this cyst can be until they actually take it out and look into it further?

    Should we be having to wait this long since the blood test was taken over 2.5 weeks ago and her MRI was conducted over a month back?

    We are mentally preparing for an opp and if it is laparotomy, should my mum get all her reproductive system out (seems many women opt for this post 50, my mum is 54).

    Any advise on the way forward, should we continue to chase or escalate etc, would be greatful and really appreciated