Life after treatment

Hello Nelly99

Reading your posts you've been through a tough time of late. I was diagnosed in October 2017. Stage 4b so treatable but not curable. I had a total of 8 cycles of chemo with op to remove everything including Omentum.  I finished my treatment in May of this year and am now on 3 monthly reviews. I too wondered how l would feel once my weekly visits to the hospital ended (my comfort blanket). 

Well I can honestly say life gets better. You slowly begin to feel much better as your energy level comes back, your hair starts to grow and life returns to a new normality. My philosophy has always been to be realistic about this disease but also get on with my life. I have wonderful family and friends around me who ensure l have lots to look forward to and put into perspective any issues l have.

My only advice is to think positive thoughts and when those dark moments come, as they do for us all, give in for a moment, have a cry and then move forward. Plan outings, see family and friends but most importantly look after yourself. I like to ensure l get plenty of fresh air as this helps me with sleeping. Find what works for you and live life to the full. Remember we are the fortunate ones who now appreciate life for what it is and who do not take anything for granted. Many folks never wake up to what matters and before they know it life has passed them by. We are lucky as this will not happen to us.

Stay strong. Sending my very best wishes and a hug.


  • Hi just wondering if your cancer had spread to the liver, my mother in laws has gone to the liver and we are really worried. She is getting her 2nd chemo this week along with a new drug.

  • Hello Charlene2

    In the very beginning l had signs of cancer on my liver and a lung. After a couple of cycles of chemo l had another scan which showed nothing left on the liver or the lung.

    Stay positive as treatment is progressing with OC. Mine is treatable but not curable. Mine reacted very well to chemo. I finished my treatment in May and now have 3 monthly check ups with ca125 blood tests to watch for any change.

    I wish your mother in-law all the best and feel free to keep in touch. (there is also a personal message system)

    ps. I am a young 61 year old!


  • Cancer does indeed remind us what a joy life can be! Your advice is sensible and practical. Adapt your life as you said and still do lots of lovely things! Sending love and strength and thanks for what you’ve written. It makes sense!