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Omental Cake

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My sister has just been diagnosed with a 'periferal' form of stomach cancer.  The specialist said that it has formed an Omental Cake which has collected the cancer cells.   They are going to operate on Monday to remove and also remove womb, ovaries etc.    They will follow this up with 6 sessions of chemo, 1 every 3 weeks.   Has anyone ever heard of this form of cancer before?   Ann

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Hi, i know it's a while since you posted this question but i have only just read it. I have Peritoneal Cancer but i too had the cells in my Omentum i had it removed in April along with a full Hysterectomy. I had 6 chemo sessions & at the moment i am totally clear of Cancer, but don't know how long for, as i have been told it is treatable but not cureable,( like sitting on a time bomb) but i am looking forward to tomorrow the start of a whole New Year & the end of the "crap" one..... Wishing you & your Sister a Happy New Year ........ Ally x