Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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Not sure what to do

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Good morning ICBW ...... That sounds like something that should be on a warship but at the same time you are in a battle ;)

Always good to get things looked at and a scan is not a bad thing to do.

John, this is such an interesting subject and does cause a lot of the stress that people go through with our wonderful, under funded and under resourced NHS.

Up in Scotland (so far, touch wood and all that) I can have blood tests done at say 9.00am and by 10.00am most of the results are in the system and I am sitting with my Specialist Nurse doing a Video Conferance with my Stem Cell team in Glasgow and they will have my test results loaded on their system ready for the VC. They also can see all my CTs X-rays etc.

I think I have said before my Chest Consultant is a very good friend and my last CT back in March was done at 9.30am, I sent him an email to say it was done and he sent back an 'AllClear' email by 11.00pm. But it did take a further 7 days for a letter to come in confirming the results of the CT and this included a report from the Consultant Radiologist. So if it was not for some 'Friends Rates' I would have been waiting for 7 days :(

The NHS needs a massive injection of cash in both the information systems and the staff at the pointy end of the NHS.

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Hi Highlander,

Yes it certainly does feel like war sometimes :)

It sounds like your trust / NHS Scotland has really gotten a handle on things and you have good relationships - which helps.

The NHS Trust I work for has a lot of different systems in place from my local Trust - and indeed it seems every Trust is run like a standalone business. We have guidlines from NHS England and NHS Digital (together with clinical bodies like NICE) but as far as a UK wide integrated system we are way way off - and thats why the level of care can be different depending on where you live.

Hopefully though it will change, but like I said it will take some years..