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Life Insurance

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I’ve posted on here previously, but not for a while....Not sure if I’m posting in the right place - don’t want to get in the way of others that really need lots of support right now.

I’m wanting some information on life Insurance - my husband is 4 1/2 years in remission from NHL (DLBCL), and we need to take out life insurance...were both 30 and have a small baby. We’ve been to an independent advisor, have contacted the MacMillan finance team, The Lymphoma Association all with no avail. Seems to be a difficult situation and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

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Hi, it is a difficult one, the risk will be rated high so if you can get anyone to make an offer the rate will be high, certainly waiting until the magical 5yr mark may help or could you get cover and when he hits 10 years you could try again. Sadly many just see the work cancer and don't distinguish between the different types and risks. 

sorry cannot be more helpful, being older I gave up as the cover we had came to an end a year or so once I had finished treatment and I knew the was little to no chance of getting a new offer.


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I am the same John, I had a long term policy coming to an end between my two Stem Cell Transplants, at one point I thought we may be using it ;) so phoned them to see if it could be extend it and after declaring everything I got a big no way. Due to my health record and age I am a big risk and the only thing I could get is one of these funeral plans with very bad returns rates.

A young age and the time post treatments may help, A good Independent Insurance Advisor my be asleep to work the system for you. Good luck in your search.

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Hi, You might want to contact insurancewith ( They themselves only do travel insurance, but apparently they partner with another company to find life insurance (see their drop down menu on Other Insurances).

insurancewith was set up by someone who had cancer and found it difficult to get travel insurance, and I have used them for travel insurance following cancer. They were helpful and sympathetic. But, like John and Thehighlander, being older, I have no experience of life insurance post cancer, so be cautious about my suggestion.

There is general advice on life insurance on the Cancer UK web site (, but they make no specific recommendations as far as I can see. I did find out from their web site that one is protected by the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act if you have had cancer, which I didn't know.

If you decide to proceed, don't just rush in, try to get independent advice from more than one place.

Best wishes.

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Thank you all so much for your replies.

The independent brokers that we’ve been in touch with and used previously have struggled to offer us anything. I’ve been in touch with a couple of specialist insurance companies - they were able to offer some cover, but at around £400+ a month.

I’ll definitely check out the information/links/suggestions that you’ve posted. Fingers crossed we’ll get somewhere! 

We were hoping that upon reaching the five year remission milestone, being able to find reasonable insurance would be much easier!

Thabks again!