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Myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow. If you're suffering from myeloma, or know someone who is, join this support group.

Myeloma and phn

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Hi all it's now been over 5 yrs in remission for me ,the only problem I've got is PHN  nerve damage all around my right hand side torso ,which I got from shingles 4 yrs ago I take 8 paid. Killers a day for it,bloody painful 24/7 ,my sleep pattern is so bad because of it ,now we've got 12 weeks of lock down to contend with ,I will be 65 on Sunday 17th,once am on a time I would have been a pensioner ,but have to wait till next year now,I've not worked for 6 yrs now but managed to keep busy the last 7 weeks only 5 to go I hope 

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Hi Alan,

It is good to hear from you again, although I’m sorry to read about the PHN nerve damage, I imagine that must be really difficult to live with. I sometimes get nerve pain (mainly on the left side) and it can be excruciating, but it is short-lived for me so I am definitely feeling for you. Have the medical teams been able to offer any suggestions as I imagine the sleep problems will compound how you are feeling?

How are you doing myeloma wise? I sincerely hope everything is ok on that front.

I don’t think the lockdown is helping myeloma patients psychologically speaking. I started a separate thread on this. I read that NHS England is doing more research on stratifying deaths to date with a view to being more precise about where the specific risks are. I really hope this results in some relaxation of the rules for everyone on the shielded list as I really don’t think it’s sustainable for too much longer.

Anyway, good to hear from you again and happy early birthday for Sunday!