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Full blood count

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Hi everyone. 
I had a phone call appointment last week as no out patient appointments obviously. 
I was told that since January my Serum Paraprotein hadn’t gone up. I got the blood results in the post, and I noticed the Serum Paraprotein had gone from 25 in January-30 last week. I just need reassuring that it isn’t too serious. I don’t really understand all the figures on the letter so thought that I would just ask   
Thank you in advance 

Kerry xx

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Hi Kerry,

Good to hear from you again. I am definitely not a medical expert so please take everything I write with a pinch of salt. I have light chain myeloma so my paraproteins have never been very high. My gut feeling is that this is not a significant rise, I think it can go much higher. Even during these unprecedented times, I’m sure they would have told you to come in if they were worried. How are you feeling within yourself? That is probably a much better indication than a small movement in the blood results.

The good thing about myeloma is that the staging doesn’t really matter, so I wouldn’t necessarily worry about having no treatment at the moment. My markers were very high when I was diagnosed and the treatment did a great job in quickly reducing them. This could definitely be the same for you, so I’m sure the delays caused by these unprecedented times should not have too much effect in the long run. But if anything feels odd, or new, definitely get on the phone to the medical teams to let them know.

Hope this helps