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Radiation after care

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Evening everyone

My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in february he started radiation almost immediately which went well and finished almost 3 weeks ago

He is now on the first 4 weekly treatment of VDT which thankfully is going well with little side effects 

My question is he now has a very itchy red square from the radiation despite being on medication to suppress any itching 

Has anyone experienced this square being itchy and could advise as to anything I can do to help ease it a bit or is this something we need to get checked

Many thanks 

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Hi Kagg1102,

Welcome to the forum although I am sorry to read about your husband. I don’t have any experience of radiotherapy but thought I would reply to bump this thread to the top so that it has more chance of being seen by someone who might have some experience.

I hope things are better for your husband now and I hope the VDT treatment continues to go well with minimal side effects.


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Happened to me also, completely stopped after about 3 days

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Thank you Greg

We landed up having to go through the emergency number and he was admitted as it was a reaction  he took to the radiation  

Few weeks of cream etc he should be sorted but thank you for your reply 

Kind regards 

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Thank you for your reply 

He had to be admitted in the end as I was getting worse but well on the mend now thanks