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Self isolation just me or husband too?

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So I'm just wondering  how e everyone is coping with the latest advice to self isolate until mid June?

Still trying to come to terms with the fact that all myeloma  patients are in the severely at risk category whatever stage they are at. In treatment or remission. I understand  we will be contacted individually from Monday 23rd to be given more guidance.

My husband is considering to completely self isolate with me now. Not even leaving the house to shop etc. He is self employed  so it's not going to be easy!

Can I ask what others are considering at this time?

Thanks Sue


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Hi Sue

Hubby and I are isolating as he has Myeloma and my immune system isn’t too good either. We have to go out for hospital appointments though which seems a bit weird but needs must. We are meeting his haematologist to discuss the next change of chemo which should start next week. He’s also recovering fro radiotherapy. 

You say you’ll be contacted on 23rd  but is that just you two or all Myeloma patients? 

I’ve sorted shopping out for delivery and I’m still walking the dog but hubby is staying indoors. His pain is so bad anyway so he’s happier in bed.

Best  wishes


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Dear June

Thank you for your reply.  I'm very sorry to hear that your husband is in such pain. This is such a horrid disease. Do hope his medical team get something sorted for him and life improves a bit for him.

Since posting I have been looking around at recent advice etc. Rather sobering is the fact that myeloma always effects the immune system even when there is no activity. So even when you're  in remission you're  still at higher risk. So it seems that there is another category above the over 70s etc that myeloma fits into and as I understand it we will all be contacted individually from Monday onwards with more targeted advice for taking care of ourselves.

As I understand it this will be "shielding " which sounds like what you are doing. Not going to the shops or mixing with others. Not even having visitors to the house for the next twelve weeks!

Honestly I thought being diagnosed was the most earth shattering moment that would ever happen fo me,but this coronavirus is beginning to come close! 

So it seems that I have got my answer. My husband will stop working from now. He's self employed so it's easy to stop but financially difficult! Plus he will be letting down a few clients which he hates to do.

We are still allowed to go out for walks with the dog etc but must avoid any contact with anyone!

I found some of this advice on the Bloodwise website.

Best wishes to you and your husband. At least the weather seems to be brightening up!