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Being tired and feeling generally URGH!!

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Hi everyone. 

I got diagnosed with Myeloma in December, and I'm still trying to get my mind around it at times. 

I am currently signed off work, but my sick note is due to run out in the next few days. My Doctor suggested I go back to work for about 3 half days. But I am suffering with a headache daily, and I feel nauseous most days. What does anyone suggest? Any ideas why I'm getting headaches and feeling nauseous when I haven't started treatment as yet?

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Hi Kezzie

I'm sorry you're  still having headaches and feeling nauseous. Are you on any medication at all? Was your GP able to help with the headaches at all? Looking back I do think the early months after diagnosis were a particularly anxious time for me. I wasnt feeling ill as such. I found myself just walking around in a state of disbelief really. I would look at people in shops or on the street and think "why me?" I would overhear petty squabbles or people moaning about trivial things and want to shout at them "Well at least you don't  have cancer!!!". It was completely surreal.

I did manage to keep working 2 days a week through the months of tests/diagnosis etc. I had to stop eventually when treatment started but that was mostly because I had to start wearing a back brace which made it impossible really.

It might be worth giving it a go at work if you have an understanding employer just for a bit of normality in the midst of all the turmoil. 

I do wish you luck on this road that none of us want to be on. It does get better and you learn to live in this new world!

Hope you have a better day today 

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Hi Kezzie, I suffer continuous headaches and bouts o nausea. Be!iev e it may have go do with kidney function. The kidneys have to process the excess protein an d calcium, I think.  So done with more medical knowledge might better explain the why.  I find I do better if I keep my mind occupied with tasks, a novel or a film. Was also told, at one point to be sure to drink plenty of water.  When I feel too I'll to concentrate on anything else I lie very still and try to relax and just experie ce, without nudgement the sensation that is troubling me.A kind of meditation.

Don't know if this is of any help at all. 

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Sorry autocorrect not always helpful. So done should be someone. Nudgement should be judgment.  So done says it though. I'd like to be so-o done with this sometimes.