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Hi everyone. 

At my appointment on Wednesday, they have decided not to do any treatment at the moment as the Myeloma is early stages. 

I am relieved on one hand, but on the other hand I hate the thought that I have Cancer in my body and it's free to do what it wants to. 

I'm a bit confused right now and not sure how I feel about it all. 

My doctor has signed me off work for another 3 weeks as I am so tired all the time. 

Does anyone else get tired??

I feel like I'm skiving off work, especially as I'm not having treatment yet. Any comments or advice welcome. 

Thanks in advance

Kerry xx

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Hi Kerry,

I would take this as very good news. The way I look at it, there is no rush when it comes to myeloma. If the medics think you don’t need to start treatment yet, that means they’re confident it’s not going to cause you any substantial problems in the short term. Much easier said than done, but I would put treatment to the back of your mind now and focus on living your life.

The tiredness could be related to a anaemia, which is common in myeloma. It could also be your brain trying to work it’s way through a tumultuous time. Either way, I wouldn’t be hard on yourself. You’ve been going through a really tough time emotionally, you’re entitled to take your time and not rush back to work.