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Attendance Allowance

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Hi All

My Macmillian nurse is starting process for me to apply for AA. She says i wouldn't be eligible for the lower amount but would be for the higher one. I've had MM for 5 years. I just wondered if many MM patients claim this benefit ? It's a strange cancer to describe as it's not curable but can be treated but does it then come under terminal prognosis.

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Hi Susie,

Hope you are doing ok and sorry you’ve not had a reply. I don’t know much about this - is it an age-restricted benefit?

As to the terminology, I always thought terminal meant it was going to get you in a defined, relatively short space of time, but I’m not sure about that. I hate that myeloma is not curable, but I’m hoping for it not to be terminal, as I hope to be around for quite a while yet.