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Blue disability parking badge.

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Can anyone tell me if you are able to apply for a blue disabled badge when you are diagnosed with MM?



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Hi Mathew

I do hope somereplies come in on this one coz I would be interested in applying for one. I can walk a reasonable distance but I feel very weak and wobbly doing it. I also get back pain doing it. 

Best wishes


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Suggest you "ask a financial adviser" or ring the helpline for a definite answer. Rules are currently changing re who's eligible to apply for a blue badge.

Here's a link to the CAB website re blue badges -

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Hi Matt

MM has left me with bone damage to my hip, it’s very painful to walk any distance and I use a stick and I’m only 44.

i found the Macmillan’s at my local hospital wonderful. They wrote me a letter supporting me for a blue badge which I sent into local authority and I was granted one immediately.

I would visit your local one to where you are for help. The ladies in Whipps cross hospital are outstanding. I think your mobility has to be quite bad but talking to local authority, I got it for the 3 years, but they can just grant it for a year while treatment is on going and review it after that to help with appointments.

wish you luck


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Mark thats very helpful thank you, there is one in the reception of my local hospital I will ask the next time my wife goes for treatment.