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Diagnosed with MGUS on 9th July

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I have recently been diagnosed with MGUS and would like to meet other people online to hear/learn about their experiences.

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Hi Positive,

Welcome to the forum, although I’m really sorry to read about your recent diagnosis.

I must have had MGUS but didn’t know it and was diagnosed with myeloma a few years ago. I’m not sure if we have any existing MGUS patients on the forum at the moment, but hopefully someone will be along soon with some experience.

I’m really hoping the MGUS doesn’t develop into myeloma - from memory I think it is 1 in 100 who do, so am really hoping you don’t. What have your medical team said to you? Are you on watch and wait for the time being?


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I received my MGUS diagnosis a week ago and feel like my life as I know it is over I was also told I have osteoporosis three months earlier. Please anyone who can help me come to terms with all of this would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance.