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IGA Nethropathy or Myeloma. I’m worried.

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About 8 months ago, it was discovered during a routine health check that I was spilling 1.17-1.59grams of protein a day in the urine as well as microscopic traces of blood. I was referred to a nephrologist and he has given me a speculative diagnosis of IGA nethropathy due to my clinical presentation. My kidney function is good and holding steady at 90 but they are concerned about the leak and are treating with strict blood pressure control and low salt, low protein diet  I have been referred for a renal biopsy as well 

On my most recent bloods results, which arrived alongside my consultation notes two days ago, it stated for electrophoresis - “Possible paraprotein detected. Immunofixation required for confirmation. Results to follow”. 

I am quite unnerved by this. I don’t see my consultant again till August. Is it possible that his speculative diagnosis is wrong and myeloma has been detected? The consultant seemed surprised by how exhausted I was and said protein leakage might make me a bit tired but I literally have no energy. I also ache all over some days. When I add all this together with the kidney issues, it just seems to track. 

Has anyone had any experience of kidney issues turning out to be myeloma? Apologies if this is in the wrong group

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Hi Cestrian,

I am sorry to read about what you are dealing with at the moment. Myeloma can cause kidney damage, so it is not entirely unexpected to make that link. However, if you can, I would wait to see what the specialist confirms as there are possibly lots of things that it might be. If you are really worried about it, I would give them a ring and ask them to explain what their thinking is. I really hope it is not myeloma or any other serious illness, and that you get some good information soon that moves you towards better health.

All the best


always scared1234
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Hi! I am experiencing very similar issues.  I know this post is 8 months old but I was just wondering if you had an update and if you were diagnosed with MM?