Myeloma Velcade/Dexmethasone and Zometa

I am currently on the 3rd cycle of above.  After my first cycle my para protein level went down from 29 to 15 which I thought was amazing.  Second cycle result only down to 14.  I wonder if anyone else had this happen to them.  The consultant said, although I was down for 8 cycles, she was unaware of anyone getting beyond 5 cycles.

  • Hi February 4th,

    Mine was the light chain version of myeloma, so the paraprotein was never that high, but all I will say is I wouldn’t worry too much about an individual result, the trend is much more important, and it is still heading downwards which is great. I had 6 cycles in total, and I’ve come across people having 8 or 9 so I think you can have more than 5.

    I really hope everything continues to go well for you.


  • Greg is completely right, I can talk from personal experience. 

    Diagnosed June 16- started VTD the figures halved for the first two months but then crept down each cycle. In total I had 9 cycles with other drugs added to get me ready for an SCT. Hang in there and try not to panic as I feel there is such a focus on trying to get to zero that everyone expects this to happen when in reality a good half won't but as with my Myeloma the doctors are pretty sure that it's dormant. I get monitored monthly and my figures have been stable for 19 months.

    all the best 


  • Hi Greg,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    My diagnosis is 1gG Kappa Light Chain Myeloma in March 2017.  The para protein was very high at first in 2017 and was on Prednisulone, Melphalen,  Thalidomide and Zometa.  I was in remission for a year, it should take been more like 2/3 years.  Then the para protein reading gradually started going up and when it got to 29 in 2/3 months I started on the new treatment  in March this year.

    I am feeling a lot better on the treatment after the first fortnight which I was wiped out.  

    Hope all is well with you.

    February 4th