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A final farewell to the myeloma forum

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Oh Johnty, I am totally devastated to read your news. I am completely lost for words and so sad that you are having to face this. Please know that a lot of people will be thinking about you tonight, and sending you loads of love and strength for the road ahead. I hope that you know that you are welcome here anytime, whenever you need it and for whatever purpose. You are heading into something which I have no experience of, but please know that I care for you and am here for you and I am sending you loads of warm wishes at this late hour.

From your virtual friend,


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Johnty. I would like to echo Greg's words. Our paths have never crossed on the community but I am well aware of the great support you have offered to others. I can only offer you my best wishes going forward. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi Johnty,

You have done so amazingly well over the last years overcoming so much. Still helping others with kind words etc.

I love the Mew England saying.

Keep enjoying each day.

Thoughts & good wished for you.

Scilly x

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And another goodbye from an interloper. Our paths have crossed in emotional issues and I have seen the amazing support you’ve offered to people there. You will be missed by many, many admirers of your kindness, compassion and empathy and ability to put them into words that comfort and lighten the load and the road. 

I am so terribly sad to hear your news and respect absolutely your decision to leave this group. Does this mean goodbye from the community? If you need or want fellow travellers on the road ahead, please know there’s a welcome in the living with incurable cancer group.

Bon voyage, bon courage (please read in a French accent) 


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Dearest ,

I am saddened to hear your news, but also very glad to have read many of your wonderful, thoughtful posts that you have written in a number of areas of the site. I know very well that each and everyone of them will of been appiecated. I have received comfort from your posts too and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my very heavy heart, and offer you back best wishes and a strong virtual hug to you too. 

  GBear Xxxx 

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How very sad to read your message. I hope you find comfort in knowing how many people you have helped on this forum. Much love is coming your way I am sure. You were so kind and helpful to me when I joined this site and I really appreciated your kind wishes. I am about the same. On cycle 6 of treatment and still finding it difficult, but have been brought to my senses by your news and realise I have to be grateful for anything that is thrown at me. I hope you receive the best care possible and find peace and love. You so deserve it. I will send strength your way. Love Tina xx