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Side effects

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Hello All, 

I don't often post on here even tho I come on regularly to see how everyone is doing. Now I could do with others experiences .

I'm just finishing cycles 6 of ixazomib, Revlimid, and Dex. From the start the ixazomib has not agreed with me at all. My consultant did reduce the dose to 3mgs but even that causes me untold intestinal side effects. I think  most of it is having to take it on an empty stomach as I've always been hyper sensitive to medication. I've got one more to take and I do believe ixazomib has a build up effect coz with each one the side effects get worse. I'm meant to stay on these drugs until they stop working but I  can't carry on feeling like this. My consultant doesn't appear concerned about my side effects having said they're very unusual !!

I just wondered if anyone else has been on RID  and how they got on with it.

My best wishes to everyone