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Paraprotein Levels

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I have just had some more results but all I understood was my paraprotein is now 29.5 and my IGg is 37. Can anyone explain the importance of the papaprotein levels and at what level will I be classed as having MM. I am currently smoldering MM ,my bone marrow is 25% plasma with a small amount of myeloma cells seen.

Best wishes from Jane
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Hi Jane,

I don't have a great knowledge of medical matters and hopefully someone with a better knowledge will reply to you. But in the meantime I hope this will help a little.

As far as I know 'paraprotein' is a protein producted by the cancer cells and secreted into the blood. Mine at the moment is 21 and reducing because I'm taking Dexmethsone (a steroid).

My Haematologist here in Australia says that they have just reclassified what they class as a high paraprotein level and yours would be getting close to what we consider high. But he also said that he has patients managing with levels in the 50's.

Hang in there, they are finding new things all the time.
Best Wishes, Dawn
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Hi Jane,
Don't know if this will be any help to you but try sorry but may not have remembered website address fully ( google lab tests on line) its a web site that explains all the lab/blood tests and gives info on them all.
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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted anything on here, I guess in a way it's a good sign that I have been busy and getting on with all that life brings :-)

Today I had my 4 weekly Sandoglobulin treatment. Sandoglobulin is intravenous immunoglobulins taken from a pool of blood donors and infused to prevent me getting infections. Makes me feel a bit tired and gives me a headache but otherwise it has been doing really well at keeping away infections.

I saw a new Registrar today and I was so surprised to see she had made a chart of all my results from 2006 to now.

I am confused however about my levels, can anyone help as I am beginning to think that my smoldering myeloma may have progressed to full blown myeloma. I am having an MRI of my spine in the next couple of weeks and I am having a full work up including bone marrow in March 2009 to re-stage me.

my last bone marrow over a year ago showed 26% plasma (normal is 5% or less) My levels are Igg 41.6 Iga 0.2 Igm 0.2
My total protein is 60 My Kappa is 126 my Lambda is 2.4 and my K/L is 52.50. Can anyone shed any light on these results I know my Igg and my Kappa are high as I have Igg Kappa Smoldering myeloma, but I am unsure of the other results. I also want to know whether my levels are particularly high to still be classed as smoldering.

Thanks everyone xxx
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If we came out in blue spots it would be a lot easier to know what was going on...
Anyway there are quite a few different criteria which you will find here:

Scroll down the Infoesheets page and you will see MGUS listed

....and an incredibly in-depth amount of info here:

but this is american so the blood/urine measurements may be in different units to those in the UK.
Good luck ploughing through that lot, and even more good luck with the actual results - remember not knowing is hard, just as knowing might be!

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Hi Jane, I hope by now you've had some treatment. My paraprotien level is now 40, which is now the highest its ever been since being diagnosed 8 years ago. It didn't affect me at first but over the last year I keep getting a flu type feeling, with aches in arms and legs ,but I am still not getting any treatment for it. Did you get the same kind of symptoms?. regards John